Remember To Do These Things When You Visit Toronto

 Toronto is one of the most unique cities in the world. However, what makes this place a great destination for travellers can’t be seen in a particular edifice or tourist spot. You have to experience its city life and immerse in its rich culture to get the most of it.

Clearly, it is the vibe and culture of Toronto that makes it a remarkable destination.  So let us get the ball rolling and explore the best things to do in this wonderful city.

Get a birds-eye view of the city

You can see the city from above through an elevator ride inside the CN Tower. This is the only free-standing building in the continent with 553 metres elevation and a lift made of see-through glass giving you a magnificent view of the city as you move up. If you are afraid of heights, you can use this experience to challenge yourself.

The view from the top is spectacular. However, if you want a more heart-thumping experience, you should try the Skywalk where you can stand on a hands-free ledge towering over the city. 

Witness Toronto’s great history

A visit to the Royal Ontario Museum will take you back to Toronto’s colorful past.  It is one of the best museums in North America with amazing display of arts, culture, and history.  Surprisingly, the architectural design of the building itself is already an art.

Here you will see a massive collection of dinosaur bones with over six million artefacts artistically distributed in 40 galleries. There’s even a learning zone for kids, making it a great spot for families.

Immerse into the city’s multiculturalism

 What used to be a Jewish market is now a historical site. Kensington Market is the best place to be if you want to experience Toronto’s funky neighborhood, watch live performances from local artists for free, and meet a lot of other tourists roaming around the cityscape.

There are tattoo shops in the area where you can get inked to remind yourself how amazing your Toronto trip was.

Take selfies of Casa Loma

Casa Loma is an old castle turned into museum, and is one of the most notable landmarks in Toronto. You can take a self-guided tour inside with audios everywhere giving you directions. Passing through its hallways will definitely take you back in time considering its very old architectural designs and features like those you see in Harry Potter movies.

Believe it or not but Casa Loma has actually been featured in many films like The Pacifier and X-Men. So don’t miss your chance to get here.

Cross over to an island

Did you know that Lake Ontario has 13 islands that are still part of the city? They are very accessible, which means you can cross over one of these islands anytime.

You can go to the Centre Island, which is the most popular island that features a white beach and a massive park. You can use this place to spend time with your family picnicking on the Bermuda covered ground or swimming in its rich turquoise sea waters.

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