The Safest Neighborhood to Stay in St. Petersburg

Known as the Venice of the North, St. Petersburg is a great tourist destination with breathtaking attractions ranging from monuments, palaces, and museums. Despite that the days of the aristocracy are long gone, tourists can still explore many mansions and cathedrals that somehow take them back in times when the Russian Kings have lived. Well, making the most of St. Petersburg also requires good accommodation. That is why we have listed the best neighborhoods that you can settle during your vacation in St. Petersburg.

Best Budget Hotel – MyWorld Apartments

MyWorld Apartments is a budget hotel in St. Petersburg, which means the price is very affordable for this hotel.  Located at the city centre, this hotel will give you the easiest access to popular landmarks, museums, and also the Palace Square. Every room is fully furnished with a flat-screen TV and a small kitchen including a stove. This means you can cook your own meal if you don’t feel like spending more money to dine in an expensive restaurant. This is definitely a perfect place for tourists who want to prioritize sightseeing rather than dining.

Best Mid-Range Hotel in St. Petersburg – V Tsarskoy Stolitse

Located at the center of Tsentralny Distruct, V Tsarskoy Stolitse is a perfect hotel destination for travelers who are interested in local history, culture, and nightlife.  The hotel features a contemporary design with well-groomed bedrooms. V Tsarskoy Stolitse is a fusion of rustic and contemporary vibe. Each room has a balcony, kitchen, tea and coffee. As with all other hotels, it has free access to Wi-Fi for you to enjoy chatting to your friends while you’re on a vacation.

Best Luxury Hotel in St. Petersburg – Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace

As you may know Four Seasons is a popular hotel in almost every country and here it goes again, reigning in the heart of St. Petersburg. This hotel has a strong historical importance in St. Petersburg because it used to be a 19th-century old palace. Nevertheless, it features well-groomed rooms with a flat-screen TV and free access to Wi-Fi. There are several restaurants and cafes in the areas, which mean that you will never go hungry when staying here as there are many food options.  It is definitely a perfect place for families.

A Friendly Tip

St. Petersburg is a confusing city when it comes to distinguishing between neighborhoods and districts. Neighborhoods smaller than districts, which means that if you want to tour around a small neighborhood you can do so. But touring one district is impossible. If you are using public transportation, you need to know these facts so it is easy to communicate with the locals.

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