December 2020

Is Yemen a Beautiful Country to Visit

Because of its rampant poverty and ongoing political unrest and civil conflict within its borders, Yemen does not have very good publicity. Perhaps these are the reasons why it is not a top choice for many tourists who want to have a vacation.

Nonetheless, Yemen is a great country and like many other countries, it has many things to offer. One of them is the diverse cultural history. In case you want to visit Yemen, we have listed a couple of places that really stand out in Yemen.

Socotora Island

One of the most idyllic locations on earth, Socotra Island has often been described as the ‘most alien-looking place on earth’.  Well, it is very easy to draw conclusions when you see it for yourself. Soctora Island is known for the variety of species endemic to the island. The flora and fauna are surreal. Anyone who gets here will eventually fall in love with its natural beauty.

Dar al-Hajar

This is one of the most iconic buildings in the country. It features a contrast from the typical western influence and traditional architecture in the country. It was built in 1930 under the leadership of Yahya Muhammad Hamiddi but in n1948, it was converted in to a museum. It has amazing exteriors which are adored by many tourists who have come to this country. Seeing it only makes you wonder how it is being carved into the rocks upon which it rests. It is such an otherworldly but definitely the most unique architecture you’ll ever see in your lifetime.


A little, far off city going back to the third Century, Shibam is known for its particular and venerated design identity. The city is for all intents and purposes interchangeable with its numerous tall structures, included from mud blocks. Assigned an UNESCO World Heritage Site for these structures, Shibam has some of the time been named the ‘most seasoned high rise city on the planet’, its structures a significant forebear to the skyscraper high rises ordinary around the globe today. Shim is one of the world’s generally noteworthy and compelling urban communities throughout the entire existence of urban arranging.


One of the most stupendous and unique destinations in the nation, Shaharah is additionally one of the nation’s most far off towns. Its serene and remote location made it a perfect area for a vacation, and it remained unbreached until well into the twentieth Century during the Yemeni Civil War. While openness to the site is commonly disallowed because of turmoil in the locale, it remains one of the nation’s most astonishing goals.

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